More store traffic will increase danger

EDITOR – Re Sainsbury’s latest plan for Newmarket site.

There is nothing within Sainsbury’s latest plans that alter the key issues that have been raised already. The three small stores that already exist along Newmarket are evenly spaced and trade in an unobtrusive way which does not present any key hazards for traffic flow.

However, opening up a significant venture next to the medical centre complicates what is already a messy traffic situation, ie with parked vehicles routinely generating dangers for traffic leaving the centre or exiting Watts Lane.

I have routinely faced problems in this area as a cyclist and have recognised long-term dangers here that can only be solved through the application of strictly-applied parking and speed restrictions.

To go in the opposite direction with further traffic complications will merely present the generation of further unnecessary dangers.

The assurance from the developers that ‘the trading impacts...will be negligible’ is self-evidently inaccurate.

The corner shop next door will immediately suffer and the new pharmacy will no doubt impact on Kenwick Stores and their facility, and so there will then be a knock-on effect...

Peter Miller

Stewton Lane, Louth