Much support for school’s plans

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EDITOR – I was just looking on the recently set-up Parents of Kidgate Primary Group page on Facebook.

You will notice that the posts are mainly from the same 10, maybe 12 people, despite the group having almost 100 members.

I have also joined the group but do not share the predominant views of the people posting on the page.

The anti-academy voices are the only ones being represented on the site. You will see on the Facebook page that a few people have spent a lot of time seeking out negative press about schools which have become academies.

There is a lot of positive press about academies which is not represented on the page.

I am in full support of the school leadership and feel that the information we have received about the consultation process is adequate and well presented.

From what I understand, becoming an academy will benefit the school and I do not believe that a good primary school is in the business of excluding SEN students or hiking management salaries.

I trust the head and governors to do what is right and raise standards at Kidgate, which not very long ago was facing difficult times. After all, the head and governing body are experienced in the business of running schools, the parent body are not.

There are many parents who share my opinions, but I don’t think they feel that the Facebook page is the right platform for showing support for the school.

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