New shop is just more of the same

EDITOR – Well, the first new development in months has just opened on the High Street in Mablethorpe, obviously spurred on by the district council’s decision to scrap the LB Mablethorpe project.

Yet another cheap, tacky shop in one of the old derelict premises to join the other 10 to 11 gift shops and mini-markets that already exist in our thriving retail metropolis.

At least it fits in with the numerous arcades, charity shops and cafes we have. We do have a shopping mall though, they call it the ‘Funland Market’!

I seriously think that the town council should apply to become a suburb of Louth, then I am sure we will get all the help to regenerate this sad apology for a town that we have.

They should rename the district council as Exclusively Louth Development Council. How many of the people who took this decision actually live in or ever visit our town?

I have lived here for 19 years now and in the area for 39 and am saddened at the total lack of progress in bringing us into the 21st century.