No need for ‘new-build’ hospice; town already has spare provision

EDITOR – Having read about the plans for a hospice in the latest issue of the Louth Leader, I am disappointed to see all that money is to be spent on a new building when there is already perfectly adequate provision within Louth Hospital.

The Phoenix Suite was upgraded and decorated prior to being closed a few years ago and has remained closed ever since. This suite offers offices, treatment rooms, a dining room, a kitchen and other ancillary rooms, plus the necessary space for residential use.

It also has a ‘green’ area, which could be landscaped and made private.

By exploiting this existing facility, the Louth Hospice charity would not need to spend the massive amount necessary to construct a new day centre and the added expense of eventually providing a residential base.

Louth Hospital is run by a GP consortium that already employs the staff who could help to run the hospice. This would form a major part of the ‘hub’ bringing together people involved in similar work, thus co-ordinating and sharing facilities.

It would surely make sense to use, rather than lose, the excellent and much-appreciated facilities and staff of our local hospital.

Linda E Palmer

Nurse practitioner, formerly at Louth Hospital