No place for NIMBYs when it comes to future of our town

EDITOR – Mr Mitchell (February 22) starts by saying ELDC is ‘hell bent’ on getting rid of the old sports centre at any cost and it is going to cost us an arm and a leg and that the old sports centre could be converted into a smaller version of the Hildreds Centre.

If this happened would this mean that Mablethorpe would have no sports centre?

As for Mr Mitchell’s concerns over car parking spaces, this is clearly explained in Keith Pinion’s letter that appeared in the Leader on the same day.

Mr Mitchell also states that we don’t need another supermarket in the town that is within 100 metres of others, namely the Co-op, Lidl and Heron. I shop at all three of these stores but I don’t class Heron as a supermarket.

As for Mr Mitchell’s concern over traffic congestion on the High Street, does he not realise that several people who live in Mablethorpe close to the town centre walk to the shops to do their shopping?

If the superstore MAGLIN desire was built halfway down Golf Road this would increase traffic on the High Street as residents would have to travel through the town and past the primary school to the proposed store.

Add this to Ros Hicks’ statement that a superstore on Golf Road would attract people from out of town to shop and visit our cafes and wonderful beaches; this would obviously increase the traffic on the High Street.

Mr Mitchell also states that the proposed Tesco will only be a food store; I understand that ELDC has restricted floor space to non-food goods; this would also apply to a store on Golf Road. However, Tesco will still sell toiletries, detergents, pet food, paper goods, etc which I do not class as food.

Mablethorpe’s town centre does need investment; any supermarket that is prepared to invest in the centre can only benefit the whole town.

It is not just a case of bringing extra people into Mablethorpe, it is also a case of keeping locals and holidaymakers.

Mr Mitchell is concerned that Tesco would damage hopes of full-time work. Would he be saying this if Tesco built a store on Golf Road?

He says that if the Lindum project on Golf Road is refused the town would lose a £50 million investment; this is not correct, Lindum would spend £50 million for themselves to make a profit.

I also love this town and I don’t want to see it ripped apart. Building a store on Golf Road will definitely divide the town.

Mr Mitchell shows concerns about traffic congestion along Seacroft Road if the Tesco store is built, he does not show concern for the traffic congestion on Golf Road and the respect for people who purchased their homes for a quiet life.

Where do you live Mr Mitchell? And you call the people of Golf Road and surrounding areas who object to Lindum’s proposed development NIMBYs.