Not happy? You know what to do

EDITOR – Apologies for the late response, but living on the other side of the planet means my copy of the Leader takes a little while to get here.

J Jackson of Monks Dyke is absolutely correct; kids riding bikes on waste land is not threatening or intimidating. I did exactly the same thing around Louth in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s and seem to recall we were similarly criticised.

Relax folks, it’s just kids having fun and learning a few motor skills the while.

Unfortunately, having made a very valid point J Jackson then wheels out the old chestnut of nothing to do/nowhere to go and credibility takes a dive.

Am I going senile?

But no, having checked the Leader’s sport and leisure pages, the choice remains huge and varied. Louth continues to provide support for the arts, crafts and most sports.

All you have to do is sign up and get stuck in. Lots of local success stories too.

But then the Jackson (I am not sure of your gender) becomes bitchy and spiteful.

What’s with the ‘prehistoric town’, the ‘moving into the 21st century’ and ‘small-minded people of this town’? I am sorry Jackson, you have descended from making a very necessary point to destroying your own argument and become just plain rude.

Might I suggest you leave Louth for somewhere more to your liking. Essex beckons; lots of skate parks and such there I believe.

I realise I may not have full rights to these sentiments having left the area, but Louth is still my home town and it saddens me that such as Jackson who have the leisure to ‘sit for many hours’, have the cheek to insult the place.

D Spence

Kuala Lumpur

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