Not just the young who are ‘anti-social’

EDITOR – On Saturday, February 26, a team of researchers went into Louth town centre with short questionnaires on behalf of Louth Playgoers Riverhead Theatre.

The weather cleared for a while and many young/middle-aged people were keen to answer the questions which, in turn, would improve their theatre experiences.

However, I was completely shocked to find that, on the whole, the reception from the older generation was disgusting! Some would walk on by as if I were invisible, others would say ‘No!’ and continue on their way, and others were just plain rude.

Bear in mind that everyone was approached in a friendly way and there was no ‘pushy-ness’ for them to take part in the survey.

There was no way that they could have felt threatened by my presence – as many other people were more than keen to participate.

It seems that some members of the older generation may want to consider their attitude when complaining about the younger generation being ‘anti-social’ and ‘rude’.

With role models such as them I feel that many anti-social youngsters are now well justified.

Mr S Spendlow

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