Parish meeting not consulted over turbines

EDITOR - Article in Louth Leader, August 8, Page 23, headed ‘Council to probe turbine complaint’.

Please would you correct your article relating to the concerns raised by Mr McLaren, a resident of Yarburgh regarding the granting of planning permission for a single wind turbine situated at America Farm in the parish of Yarburgh.

Your article should read that it was Yarburgh Parish Meeting that was not consulted by East Lindsey District Council.

I can confirm that Alvingham Parish Council were consulted about this application and that as a result of this and other representatives made to me, I was able to raise issues of concern to the Planning Department and asked for the application to be ‘called in’ and determined by elected members sitting on the Planning Committee of the Council.

I assumed that Yarburgh Parish Meeting had been contacted in accordance with the Council’s procedures for consulting residents.

I apologise to those residents who would have liked to voice concern that I was not able to represent their views as well.

I will support any investigation made by the Council into this serious issue.


District Councillor,

East Lindsey District Council, representing the Marshchapel Ward which includes Alvingham and Yarburgh.