Park ready for field challenge

EDITOR – In response to the two letters published in the Leader concerning St Mary’s Park, Mablethorpe, dated December 7.

If the writer of the first letter has lived here for a long time, then he/she would know that the park was once a landfill site and anything and everything was dumped there. We did not have any recycling then.

I definitely have the ‘community spirit’, but would I help to clean the mud etc out of the pond? Most definitely NO. Why? Because there are possibly carcinogenic or toxic substances that had been dumped there. If the council can give me 100 per cent assurance, in writing, that it is safe, then I might reconsider.

The second letter from Peter Gregory suggested that ‘drought was the cause of the water loss’ so the holes and the tears (verb) in the lining had nothing to do with the water loss.

The council has monitored this situation and has decided it needs a new lining.

I have been informed that the park has met all the criteria for the nomination as a QEII Field Challenge and work could start in spring 2012.


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