Party night at pub tells me ‘new’ Swanne will fly

EDITOR – The Olde Whyte Swanne in Louth had a private party to which the Louth and District branch of CAMRA were invited to attend.

Myself, Lorraine Gale, Kelly and Dean Walters attended (although Dean is also the chef, so was already there) and we had a great evening trying the range of beers that are on at the moment which were Theakstons – Best Bitter, Shepherd Neame – Spitfire and Wadworth 6X, but one will stay and others change.

We also got to try sample versions of the food that will be on the menu and they were very nice; we hope they will help to put the Swanne back in focus – where it belongs as the oldest pub in Louth.

We would like to thank Steve and Wendy Johnson and Johnny Shields, the team in charge, for the invite and the great hospitality, and Dean for the food.

Jerry Gale

Louth and District CAMRA chairman