Paying tribute to Wendy

EDITOR – May I pay a personal tribute to Wendy Joiner, a much-respected and loved lady who until recently managed the Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary Charity shop in the Market Place, Alford.

I first met Wendy in 2002 when she wrote to me and asked if she could raise funds for the charity which I founded. She started with table-top sales in the Enterprise Hall in Sutton and then, much against my better judgment, persuaded me that a small charity shop in Alford would be a good idea.

Thanks to Wendy’s efforts and those of a small team of volunteers within two years it was clear we needed larger premises and the shop moved to 2-4 Market Place, where it has been ever since.

Over the 10 years Wendy has worked tirelessly for the dogs and has saved countless lives in the process, as well as raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for the sanctuary.

She has never ever accepted a penny from Fen Bank and has paid for all the incidentals required in the shop, but more than this she has been an inspirational manager, working extraordinarily long hours herself, who has gathered around her a loyal team of volunteers and has made the shop one of the most welcoming in Alford.

Her humour, toughness of character and her wonderful dress sense attract people to her and she knows more than a thing or two about running a business successfully!

Without Wendy’s laughter and forthright style the shop will be a different place, but what does not change are the needs of the greyhounds whose lives are enhanced by the efforts of all the team, and the generosity of the locals who every winter keep the shop going until once again the visitors arrive.

The shop will continue to run with the volunteers who are presently working there, and very many thanks to them, but most of all to Wendy, whose efforts have allowed the Sanctuary to grow over the years so that now we always have 30 dogs looking for loving homes.

She will be greatly missed by all her friends and customers.

Sandra Davis

Founder Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary