People should have their say

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EDITOR – The Keep Louth Special brigade don’t want this or that, what do they want? Louth was special years ago, but due to narrow-minded people it is fast becoming a ghost town.

All it consists of now is charity shops, Lucks and Dragonfly. Charity shops bring no income or employment.

It’s about time the people of Louth and surrounding areas let ELDC and Louth Town Council know what they need, not what they think we need.

Just remember, councillors, who votes for you.

Just read the letter from Barry West about where the councillors live who are on the planning committee. How dare they tell us what shops we may have. Most of them live where the big shops are – only people who live in Louth should be on the planning committee.

Mrs C A Kerman

St Edith Gate, Grimoldby