Petition thanks

Following the April 18 front page (Traders back market call) I would like to thank the hundreds of people that have signed the petition.

The consensus of opinion seems that Mablethorpe High Street is the busiest it has ever been for the time of year.

I spoke to many traders who confirmed what is VERY OBVIOUS that trade has vastly increased.

It’s only common sense in that we regained many parking spaces where the old market stood, allowing more visitors and more revenue.

The proposed move to Tuesday, if going ahead, will mean we have two markets (Alford and Mablethorpe) in adjoining towns. The common sense answer ‘if’ one has to move is to move Horncastle to Tuesday so we can have the option of visiting both markets.

Come on East Lindsey District Council let’s see Mablethorpe on the upgrade for once, now you’ve actually made a constructive move let’s keep the ball rolling.

I am sure any minor traffic teething problems can be rectified, after all it’s only 12 hours per week.