Plan would not damage town

EDITOR – In response to your front page article in last week’s newspaper regarding the report into the proposed Golf Road development, how surprising to read that this report was commissioned by none other than The Co-operative Group and it concluded that the proposed new supermarket could damage the town centre.

Damage the Co-op more like!!

It must be a bit of a dilemma for the Co-op, who on the one hand would surely welcome the building of more housing but on the other must be more bothered about the long-overdue competition.

Although The Co-operative Group say they recognise the importance of competition they surely must also be very aware that they have enjoyed a near-monopoly situation for as many years as they have traded in Mablethorpe.

Any new supermarket in Mablethorpe will have the welcome effect of making the Co-op buck up their ideas and work harder to keep the business.

Most other good towns in the country have a choice of many supermarkets, often spread across the towns and in outlying areas; this promotes the aforementioned competition and drives down prices, making our shopping bill cheaper.

Surely it is about time the people of Mablethorpe deserved this same choice without having to travel miles.

It is for this very reason that, contrary to damaging the town, I believe it will actually benefit the town and people will not so often feel the need to travel to other towns, taking their other spending with them.

Perhaps people who live in the outlying areas will also head for Mablethorpe instead of Skegness, Louth or Grimsby etc. This may well have the effect of benefitting businesses in the town centre and indeed even attracting new ones.

As for the proposed housing development, I have read many times that Mablethorpe does not have the infrastructure to supportmore and more housing, but in development the demand must precede the supply.

Wherever in the world does one see lots of businesses and shops and no people to shop in them.

We should be grateful that both Tesco and Asda have expressed interest in our town and welcome them with open arms.

If these supermarkets come to Mablethorpe they also will have an interest in promoting and making our town a better place and that will surely be good for all of us.

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