Planning, plainly speaking

EDITOR – In view of the misconceptions held by a large number of members of the public about the planning process, it would be useful to point out a few relevant facts.

l The town council has no power to approve the application, or otherwise, it can only make recommendations to ELDC, which makes the final decision.

l Because of the laws pertaining to planning applications the last meeting could only look at, and make comments on, amendments to the original application and not the whole application. This was something a lot of the public gallery did not seem to understand.

l The original application went to the then town council in February 2011 and the make-up of the council and its committees has radically changed since the May 2011 elections and the planning application as a whole has been substantially amended. In a perfect world the whole application should be referred back to the town council for reconsideration.

l As an independent town councillor not on the planning committee and having no axe to grind either way on this application I would urge that the ‘for’ and ‘against’ members of the public make sure they attend the ELDC planning committee meeting at Manby when the application is considered by them, probably in October or November.


Mablethorpe and Sutton Town Council

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