Please, council, do a little lobbying for us

EDITOR – Crawcroft Lane near Hannah is a one-and-a-half-mile single track carriageway which connects two main roads, the A52 and A111.

Twenty years ago when we moved to Woldview Farm it was an idyllic, peaceful place to live.

When major roadworks were carried out on the bridge between Mumby and Bilsby we counted 600-plus vehicles per day on the lane; these were 40-tonne lorries carrying grain, coaches, double-decker buses, farm vehicles, caravans, vans and cars.

More recently, when Huttoft was closed for road resurfacing 300-plus vehicles, of the same ilk as before, came up and down the lane every day. Add ‘sat nav’ to this and we now have a ‘rat run’.

The carriageway is nine feet wide (single track) just past our property all the way to Boy Grift Drain, varying from 12-14 feet along our frontage. Because we have a double entrance we are constantly plagued by vehicles waiting on our frontage to enable oncoming traffic to pass. This is because there is nowhere for vehicles to pass between Winniefred Cottage (next door) and Boy Grift Drain, some 250 yards.

The heavy vehicles have caused subsidence to the carriageway and, quite frankly, the lane can no longer sustain the volume of traffic of the heavy vehicles.

As time goes by this lane will carry more and more traffic and if the section is not altered to cope with traffic type and 
volume it will become untenable.

As we are on the spot 24 hours a day, we would make the following suggestions:

l Yellow lines outside our frontage with three ‘no waiting’ signs and a barrier outside front pedestrian gate.

l Three passing places of sufficient length for a grain lorry plus two other vehicles, to be made on right-hand side going towards Boy Grift Drain.

l Speed bumps along this stretch of lane.

l Widen lane by piping dyke 
on right-hand side to make it 
a two-vehicle width carriageway.

l Perhaps a toll over Boy Grift Drain would generate cash towards these improvements.

A part of our council tax is earmarked for Huttoft parish; just because we don’t live in the village it doesn’t mean we don’t exist. Come on Huttoft Parish Council, do a bit of lobbying for us, not just the village.


Crawcroft Lane, Huttoft