Please, council, pump up the effort and get lake cleaned

EDITOR – It is not long until holiday makers will be flooding to Mablethorpe to enjoy their Easter holidays.

When they come to the Queens Park will they be met by a lovely boating lake with row boats, ducks and geese? The answer is ‘no’, as for months now the council has been cleaning the lake – and doing a poor job at that.

Not content with draining the lake and making an inadequate effort to recover the thousands of fish that were struggling in a few inches of muddy water they are now protracting the cleaning of the lake. Why is this I ask myself?

The water has been drained for over a month. Some work by a solitary workman with a broom and the occasional half a day pushing mud around with a small Bobcat loader has been carried out in what must be the most lacklustre attempt at cleaning I have ever seen. Bales of hay have been put across the lake, perhaps in an effort to filter the remaining water from the mud.

Perhaps they are hoping that the water will evaporate, leaving dirt that they can put into skips. Perhaps it would in summer, but there is a little thing called rain that will prevent this from happening this time of year.

We are left with a swamp that no one seems to be working on in weeks. Get a grip ELDC and get to work! Put a few workmen on the job; get the pumps going; get an excavator in for a couple of days and get several skips to take the mud away!

Whatever you need to do, do it and stop faffing around!

Mr Enderby

Newstead Road, Mablethorpe