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EDITOR – I’m a parent of a child who attends Kidgate Primary School.

I don’t think many parents know at the moment what is actually going on with the school and what becoming an academy would do to the way the school is run; they have told us in a letter nothing would change and that the only thing that would change is the school would get more money.

But that is not the whole story: it is a huge risk converting to an academy and one of my concerns is that there would be no policing or guidelines as to how the school’s money would be spent.

Also, they don’t have to follow the National Curriculum and the way they hire teachers would change as well.

I can’t see any benefits to the children’s education or to the way the school is run, and I do believe there needs to be a public meeting – one which shows everybody the pros and cons of changing into an academy so parents can make an educated and well-informed decision on the matter.