Please give us the facts about St Mary’s pond

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EDITOR – I understand that photos were taken of the methane island in the pond at St Mary’s Park, Mablethorpe.

As you are aware, I have written numerous letters concerning St Mary’s Park and how the residents and visitors are very concerned.

The people are very concerned about the wildlife in and around the pond. Why? Because there isn’t any wildlife at all. There was an abundance of wildlife there, our resident moorhens, ducks, geese, tufted ducks, swans, herons, fish, frogs, toads, dragon flies, damson flies and many more.

I have contacted various people recently concerning this matter; I was informed that ammonia is present in the pond and shortly after it was explained to me that ammonia is NOT present in the pond. Who is telling the truth?

St Mary’s Park was once a landfill site so anything and everything was dumped there. When I asked if there was any carcinogenic material there I was advised that tests were carried out by intensive soil sampling and none was found.

A new pond liner is being designed which would stop the migration of gas into the pond. Do I believe this? No!

I have been informed by different people that houses and bungalows could be built on the site of St Mary’s Park, which would include the pond. Can they do this as it is a conservation place?


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