Please make our roads safer for all users

EDITOR – I set out on a ride on a dry, sunny afternoon on Saturday, November 12.

My horse was only walking as I was trying to pick my way over the bad surface on North End Lane, Saltfleetby. By Grove Cottage my horse slipped and went down as his hind legs went from under him and I was thrown onto the hard road.

My riding hat saved a serious injury to my head, but my hat was ruined. We both crashed onto the road, my horse nearly crushing me as he rolled over to get up.

I ended up in A&E (the people from the cottage taking me there). I have a fractured shoulder plus sore ribs and bruising. My horse has leg injuries and lacerations, plus he is scarred and lame.

I will be off work for a long period of time, so my financial position is in jeopardy. I have vet bills to pay plus I will need someone to help me and to drive to hospital appointments etc.

We have to use the roads to access the bridle paths. It’s bad enough having to contend with heavy traffic on narrow roads with drains running alongside without having to contend with uneven, patched, poorly-surfaced roads also.

I have reported the problem with this lane on numerous occasions. Highways did patch it, but it is now uneven and the workmen stated that it should have been resurfaced. Large areas of the said lane are unsafe to ride along, even to drive on.

A number of riders have had several near-misses on the lane and I have had horses slip on many previous occasions.

My horse is shod with road nails and his shoes were in good order at the time of the accident.


North End Lane, Saltfleetby