Pleased Lindum are appealing

EDITOR – I am pleased that Lindum has appealed to East Lindsey District Council’s planning committee against the extremely unfair way that their Golf Road planning application was dealt with.

I wish that the ‘opposition group’ would accept the fact that this was the reason for the indignation of the fair-minded people who have formed the MAGLIN group.

The opposition are not prepared to accept any answers given by Lindum to any of the issues that have been raised at the various meetings.

I must also remind them, that we are also entitled to our opinion as residents of Mablethorpe and the surrounding area and please note that there are residents of Golf Road that also support this development.

Please write to David Loveday at the Planning Dept, ELDC, in support of this development, as individual letters are important.

There are petitions around town also.


Golf Road, Mablethorpe