Poem: Our roads

EDITOR - I’m looking for a car free road,

But I am failing fast,

The way of travelling through our town,

Is long gone in the past.

Cars are parked on streets both sides,

The parks are now vacated,

The ELDC please pardon me,

Seem really quite elated.

They think that empty parks are fine,

And love the one way scheme,

Now the motorist drives one way,

A new, new council dream.

No room to pass down a tunnel,

Of cars parked on each side,

Wing mirrors meet down most of streets,

And cars do near collide.

Parking, parking everywhere,

Not a space to behold,

So come on, come on ELDC

For once come out of the cold.

Revert back to the good old days,

Come on down, make price right,

Then we’ll get our road space back,

A very welcome overdue sight.