Printworks building should be restored

EDITOR - I strongly object to the proposal to demolish the historic printworks building in Louth. It stands in a row of buildings connected by one of the most important trades carried on in this part of the town in the 19th century.

From Monks’ Dyke to Queen Street there stands the house of brewer William East, his initials picked out in painted brick on the gable end of his house.

Then watermill cottage, recently restored, the mill pond used by the brewers for washing barrels. Then the former Globe Inn, closed around 1950.

At the end of the row, the printworks, once the brewery of T.M.Winch & Co, whose name is still discernible above the first floor windows. The once attractive brickwork has been left to decay, as has the rest of the structure.

There are too many instances like this, where the owner fails to maintain his property until it reaches a condition that makes it almost unsaleable.

This should not be allowed to happen here, there is plenty of scope for a sympathetic redevelopment of the site, retaining and restoring the historic Church Street wall.