Progress is good... just ensure cost to town is not too great

EDITOR – I am and have always been in favour of progress.

I love Mablethorpe and especially its people; over the last 22-odd years I have lived here I have seen many changes, some good, some bad – but as many of the people who know me will tell you I speak my mind and say it as I see it.

The report ordered by the Co-operative Group to look at the effect of a supermarket on the Golf Road location says: ‘The application is wholly inappropriate to Mablethorpe and will severely impact upon the town centre’. I would agree with that.

When they say: ‘Mablethorpe is a struggling centre and in need of appropriate development in order to improve the character and attraction of the tourist town’ I also agree with them.

But, I am very doubtful of the Co-op’s motives, because when they say: ‘Mablethorpe’s town centre is currently under-performing’ you have to read between the lines. What they really mean is their shop is under-performing and any new supermarket in town will only make it worse for them.

The Co-op we have now is very expensive. I have to say my family find it is far cheaper to shop on the internet, even with a £5 delivery charge. Unfortunately, our older fraternity do not have that option because, for whatever reason, they do not have access to the internet.

My advice to the Co-op is to bring their prices down in line with other supermarkets.

Moving on, Paul McSorley, managing director of Lindum Developments, says a store off Golf Road would bring money to the town and he wanted to speak to one of the big four supermarkets.

I think he is walking round with bungs in his ears and blinkers on his eyes, as he well knows it’s common knowledge that Tesco are already planning to build a store on land where the sports centre stands on Station Road. They want to knock it down, build a Tesco, and in return build a new state-of-the-art sport centre opposite the library on Stanley Avenue.

If East Lindsey District Council decide in the next few months to give permission for the Golf Road project to go ahead, you can bet Tesco would pull out, and that would spell the end of a new sports centre – something Mablethorpe desperately needs.

There is good reason for shoppers to have new supermarkets in Mablethorpe, but not on Golf Road. How would people get there, with no bus, and taxi fairs going up all the time?

In the season a new pub on Golf Road will attract more holiday-makers with more noise and traffic into the early hours. All should be considered by ELDC. We already have enough garages in Mablethorpe and we do not need any more social housing. What we do need is more homes for the people waiting for them on the ELDC housing list.

Lindum Developments also say people’s homes will not be put at risk of flooding by the huge development proposed for this land on Golf Road, because they say they would create and extend dykes around the land and put pipe-work in to drain away water.

Well I disagree. Drain the water to where? Not to dykes that are already full surely, as it only has to rain for a few hours and the large dyke on Quebec Road fills up. With all this extra water in the already full dyke where will it go? The only place it can go, the lower houses on Golf Road as all this land and the surrounding area is now below sea level.

Also, if we had another sea flood like the one in 1953 it would be so much worse because the sea level now is one and a half metres higher than it was in 1953.

I would like to know why Lincolnshire County Council and the Environment Agency have said, on the news and in publications on the internet, that no more houses are to be built on the East Coast unless they are at least six miles inland.

Can any one of my local councillors please look into this and find out if this is true? And if it is, ask the question: ‘How can ELDC decide anything on the Lindum Development when LCC (their boss) and the Environment Agency have said no’.

It’s a very simple question and very important to me, my family and the many people living on and around the Golf Road area.

John Gregory

Golf Road, Mablethorpe