Public meeting only way to get voices heard

EDITOR - Had Coun Paddy Prince attended a previous public meeting of concerned residents objecting to the Golf Road Project he would not sneeringly describe this meeting on October 29 as ‘a so called public meeting’.

The first meeting in February this year was conducted in a fair, balanced and reasonable manner. Some 220 people attended who would be directly affected by the development. Everyone was encouraged to have their say, and many did, including those who were for the project.

A show of hands taken during this meeting indicated that over 200 people were against the development and six were for it.

Does not Coun Prince not realise that this is democracy, people are not going to allow business interests and local councils to ride roughshod over them and cause deterioration in their way of life, health and possibly damage their home?

It would seem he is completely out of touch with the feelings of residents who would be disadvantaged by this development.

Why does he appear to want a debate? What would it achieve?

Lindum’s have had the opportunity to address the planning committee on at least two occasions and were given ample time in which to present their case.

The concerned residents were allowed two speakers on two occasions, and were only allowed three minutes each to try and get their views across. Is that a fair and reasoned debate?

Since there is an overwhelming majority of people who are objecting to the proposal, a public meeting is the only way they can get their voice heard.

Malcolm Nicholls

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