Put in work where it’s needed

EDITOR – East Lindsey District Council is asking a neighbour of mine, who happens to be a pensioner, to cut the hedge on the boundary of her property because two people cannot walk side by side. One and a half people could, so for half a person she must cut her hedge.

This is happening on the corner of Sycamore Drive and Laburnum Crescent, which is the best-kept garden on this estate. If she were to cut the hedge the neighbours opposite would look out onto a dead brown hedge. There is only a small part of this hedge where two people walking side by side would be a problem.

She explained to the council worker that we are lucky to get five people a week never mind a day walking this path, but he wasn’t interested.

The scenario he used was: what if a mini-bus came and 12 people got off? They wouldn’t all be able to use the path!

If the council wants to apply this then they should apply it to every hedge and path in Louth. There are numerous streets in the town where two people cannot walk side by side, but the council is not consistent.

We have been here for 37 years in the same house; so too has our neighbour. In that time we can only recall one piece of maintenance on our path, and that was tar brushed over the top of the original.

If the council is trying to justify certain positions at Tedder Hall, so why don’t they do it where it would be meaningful instead of ruining a pensioner’s pride and joy.

S Gilbride

Laburnum Crescent, Louth