Putting the record straight – again

EDITOR – I refer to Kim Parrinder and Keith Pinion’s letter in the Leader regarding the proposed development off Golf Road/Alford Road by the Lindum B Group.

They accused me of making my letter of the previous week ‘personal’. I never mentioned anyone by name apart from Paul McSorley, whereas my name was mentioned three times by them – which is what I would describe as ‘personal’.

I also was in no doubt that the public meeting arranged by them at the Community Hall in Stanley Avenue was aimed at objecting to the proposed Lindum development, which was fine.

People are entitled to debate these schemes and many raised valid points and questions which needed to be addressed and which also alarmed me. However, there were many points raised that turned out to be inaccurate, as were pointed out at the presentation at the Church Hall, George Street.

Mr McSorley dealt with these issues and, yet again, had to answer questions and deny inaccurate comments made previously by some objectors at the Meridale Meeting.

I also wish to point out that the picture taken and printed by the Leader in front of the Meridale Centre on the evening of the meeting, showed several people holding placards protesting against the development.

This clearly looked like an organised protest, so I do not understand why being referred to as an ‘anti group’ caused such offence. As a supporter of the development, I would not object to being referred to as belonging to the ‘pro group’.

In conclusion, I hope I do not have to defend myself again, as this is not why I wrote to the Leader in the first place.

My intention was to put the record straight, as the presentation was very detailed and impressive.

May I also add that there would be a local letting policy with the social housing and not a free-for-all for the country’s undesirable tenants to move to Mablethorpe!

Pamela Baker

Golf Road, Mablethorpe