Queries must be addressed

EDITOR – I have always been in favour of the Lindum development as a great opportunity for Mablethorpe and have attended all the meetings and presentations.

We have lost so many opportunities in Mablethorpe and should allow a development like this to go ahead, instead of waiting first for road improvements and other investments which only seem to happen in other local towns.

However, I do feel that all the queries that have been raised by the town councillors must be addressed. How could they vote for or against an amendment to the plans when they need some clarification? That is their duty and those opposed to the project should accept this.

I am interested in the outcome of the proposal raised at the meeting and look forward to Lindum’s response – and that of any other authority involved. This will then go before East Lindsey District Council, who will decide on the outcome.

If Lindum are prepared to invest millions of pounds on this development, as they have previously stated, then I would expect them to have every confidence in their research.

There is so much more to the development than just a supermarket. There will be an additional space which will be made available and of interest to local sport groups and organisations and better access to the school for parents to drop off and collect their children instead of some parking on double yellow lines.

There is also a need in Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea for well-trained carers in our many care homes, so the proposed care training facility and independent accommodation will be beneficial.

The much-dreaded social housing will have a local letting policy and as there are more people on the local waiting list than the actual number of houses being built, I cannot see there being a problem. This would, however, need to be included in any contract.

Lindum have assured concerned residents that their proposals to improve drainage on the site will benefit the area, whereas if the development does not go ahead the present problems will remain the same.

With regard to the supermarket proposal and the trade that is claimed will be taken away from the town centre, what about the trade that goes out of the area due to online shopping and home deliveries by Tesco and Asda and other suppliers?

Let us hope that this matter is resolved soon.


Golf Road, Mablethorpe