Radical plan could kill the town centre

EDITOR - With reference to the call to have the Louth town centre pedestrianised, well if you want to kill the town centre then go ahead and do this as this will drive even more people away to the super stores in Grimsby, where they can fill up with cheap petrol.

It is not the ordinary traffic that’s the problem as they help to make the hustle and bustle of the town that makes Louth special.

The problem is the lorries and vans that are making deliveries and collections as they park anywhere even on the pavements.

So I think there should be a ban on deliveries and collections (including refuse collection) between the hours of 9am and 5pm, but not a ban on the buses as they need to pick up and drop off passengers in the middle of the town.

One more thing that I think would help is to extend the cycle path to go right up to the market place and to make the path cycle and mobility scooter paths, this would take the scooters off the pavement as some of these drivers think they have the right of way on the pavement and are not particular about running over your feet also these scooters are geting bigger and need more room.

So please don’t stop the ordinary traffic going through the town unless you want to spoil the town.

Just get a traffic warden to do the job properly.