Regeneration needed, but Lindum is not the answer

EDITOR – I read with interest your front page article regarding the Lindum support petition.

I was amazed to see that 1,400 names were for the development.

I have lived on Jacklin Crescent since 1997 and been a resident of Mablethorpe for 26 years, and to be honest I am not sure whether I am for or against the development.

But what does annoy me is people banging on about the decline of Mablethorpe and how they feel they know what is best for the place.

Anyone who has brought up a family in Mablethorpe knows that when their children get to an age that they need to earn a wage most will leave. It’s historical, there’s nothing new about this.

This area of the coast, like many coastal towns, is unable to sustain employment for the young adults who have seen this place as their home, so please look at the bigger picture: what will Mablethorpe gain from this development in the long run?

1) 180 homes, many for people with no prospects of employment locally.

2) A shopping outlet. How big will this be and, realistically, how many will it employ?

3) A pub. I can list a number of public houses that are no longer trading and highlight the fact that local pubs are struggling to get punters through their doors without having another to thin the trade. And the list of ex-pubs; The Blue Diamond, St Margaret’s, The Eagle, The Cross Inn.

4) A filling station. We already have a perfectly good one, The Empire. By the way, the Apollo service station ceased trading years ago, another victim.

On the face of it it looks as though I am against the development, but not because of the possible flood risks to my property that is adjacent to it or the fact that the properties nearby will decrease in value because of it.

I am and always have been in favour with anything that helps this town progress. This development offers nothing, and for the multi-millions that it says it’s investing a few building jobs in short term, and a few jobs in retail long term.

I live next to the Mablethorpe Industrial Estate and there is very little activity there either.

Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea are and always will be retirement towns that rely on holiday visitors through the summer, but it’s seasonal employment and not guaranteed.

I don’t know what the answer is. I agree regeneration is required, but I don’t think that Lindum is the answer.


Jacklin Crescent, Mablethorpe