Residents should lead observatory protest

EDITOR – I would like to correct an inaccuracy in last week’s letter concerning the Huttoft Bank Observatory.

Whilst I offered to collect a list of names and addresses of local residents who were opposed to the project, I did not offer to organise the protest as suggested.

I believe that such a protest should come from the residents of Huttoft. I made enquiries as to the current situation of the project which has now been passed on to the residents.

With regard to the Neighbourhood Management Board, I think it is unfortunate we have been accused of duplicating their services.

Personally I have never seen this as the case but residents are now questioning why is it that a volunteer-led Residents Association can provide services at no cost to the taxpayer while Neighbourhood Management are costing us thousands.

I am sure this may be a topic of debate in the forthcoming local elections.

Finally, I sincerely hope Mrs Neville doesn’t move to Skegness. Sutton on Sea is a vibrant community of residents with diverse opinions that are all equally important. I hope one day she comes along to a meeting of Sutton on Sea First Residents Association to share her views with us.

I will guarantee she will be warmly welcomed.

Andrew Ferryman


Sutton on Sea First Residents Association