Retail policy?

EDITOR – Colin Bunting’s letter (Leader August 31) raised a valid and important point.

I fully support the siting of both a petrol station and a new B&Q on the Fairfield industrial estate. I also am very perturbed and confused about the council’s retail policy.

If Trotters Traders is classed as ‘retail’ and therefore not allowed under some rule or other, why is it that a petrol station not only selling petrol but other goods for ‘retail’ is to be encouraged.

RETAIL means ‘to do business, wheel and deal, handle or sell goods’. What about B&Q, Halfords, the sports shop in the new tennis academy etc etc.

Come on councillors – you are supposed to work for us. Let’s be open and even-handed in both your interpretation of planning laws and your administration of them.

In the current financial climate Trotters Traders is a God-send to a lot of people who need to watch what they are spending.

Audrey Moore

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