Sainsbury store would be good for town, but not at Newmarket

EDITOR – A Sainsburys at the Newmarket site is totally unecessary. There are already three general stores in the immediate area, one with a pharmacy.

They more than adequately serve the Newmarket area and that part of Louth. There is even the Esso garage that carries some useful goods. Let’s face it one of the shops would even be next door.

The annoying thing is that there are other parts of Louth, such as Eastfield Road and the former Tennyson pub site, where the type of store proposed by Sainsburys could be useful.

It is really irritating to read Sainsburys’ blurb about bringing trade to a neglected part of town. Do they actually care?

We are regular Sainsbury shoppers and would support an outlet somewhere like the old telephone exchange site, but not at Newmarket.

John and Andrea Prior

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