Selfish people pollute our air

EDITOR - It was one of the few warm summer evenings we have had this summer and I was looking forward to sitting in my garden enjoying a glass of wine and watching the sun go down... A simple pleasure.

However, it was not to be. Ten minutes after settling in my chair the sunset became hazy - and instead of a balmy summer breeze, the air was filled with the stinking, filthy, choking smoke from a bonfire.

Rapid retreat from the garden, dash to close all the windows and doors and now, four hours later at 11.15p.m, I am sitting in a hot, stifling house because the smoke still surrounds it.

We have adequate recycling facilities so why do these lazy, selfish, inconsiderate people feel it is acceptable to burn their rubbish, pollute the air and generally make a nuisance of themselves? Do they derive some perverse pleasure from ruining the enjoyment of others?

If it is an absolute necessity that they dispose of their rubbish by burning it, the very least they could do is wait until we have one of the many cold, cloudy evenings that have kept most of us indoors during this summer.