Shame on councillors who aren’t listening

EDITOR - In response to Mr Paddy Prince’s horrendous letter in The Leader (October 26); Mr Prince, it is interesting that a so-called councillor is seemingly against the town members being proactive!

The meeting on October 29 is not advertised solely for people against the Lindum development at all. It is open for anyone, if anything it is your letter that would discourage people supporting the development from coming along. Anyway, residents against the development have EVERY RIGHT to call a meeting, you, Mr Prince, have no right to attempt to control others.

Mr Prince, you stated that a ‘majority’ are in support of the project. Perhaps you need to learn to count. Online there were hundreds of objections to the project, and less than 10, I believe, in support.

We are not fools, and know that the town needs development, but this is not development of the town, it is development of a field outside of it! I thought councillors were supposed to represent the public..?

It was local residents who elected you in the first place.

Shame on those councillors who aren’t listening to these residents’ heartfelt views.

Lauren Howden

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