Short-changed by meters

EDITOR – I write to you with reference to the new pay meters installed in Louth car parks.

I find it interesting that ELDC have spent a small fortune replacing the pay machines to stop people passing on their tickets, if there is residue left on the ticket they have paid good money for.

But they were unable to find a pay machine that is capable of giving change if that person happens to not have they correct change.

Why is it that every other vending machine is able to give change, other than parking machines and why is it, that something I have paid for, ELDC find it unacceptable for me to show good will and pass it on to some well deserving person?

I know car parks are money makers, but I find yet again ELDC, are milking residents and visitors both ways, talk about have their cake and eat it.

Yours, ripped off!

Nigel Gay