Show some decency and own up to your actions

EDITOR – Re Louth Leader front page, September 14. I have had letters printed in the past about the vandalism some heartless people cause to the graves of the family and friends we have lost, but the story of what someone has done to the grave of Rhianna Jeffery leaves me sickened.

To think a human being could do that – maybe I should rephrase that, they are not human they are nothing more than sick, sad creatures who have caused the family of the late Rhianna untold grief by their actions.

If there is anyone out there who knows the perpetrators of this act of vandalism then please come forward and tell the police... or better still get the person to tell the family of Rhianna how sorry they are for what they have done.

Somehow I don’t think they will come forward to apologise. The word ‘COWARD’ springs to mind.


James Street, Louth