Silence was golden as Brownies joined Ark effort

EDITOR – Many appeals have been made for and on behalf of the Ark, but the donors get no recognition.

My neighbours, Leah and Ian, took in dogs from the Ark and have continued to support them. There are many more like these caring people, however.

Kenwick News, incorporating Bellas dog grooming, have supported the Ark for many years and receive many donations for the Ark to this day.

Leah and Ian asked if we had any old blankets etc to keep the animals warm during the cold spell. I designed and printed a small leaflet and a very good friend of ours posted them through letter boxes.

One of the leaflets was picked up by a Louth Brownies leader, and as the Brownies were seeking a charity to donate to they decided to adopt the animals at the Ark.

Not only did the Brownies attract many donations, but there was so much that Leah and Ian needed to turn out with their estate car and trailer.

The Brownies also held a sponsored silence and raised money for the Ark.

Please give these people some credit for their goodwill and pray that it may continue.

Brian Robinson

Wallis Road, Louth