Simply shifting the location of the problem is not a real solution

Gary Dray sent us a copy of this letter he has sent to Stagecoach. It follows our story last week in which Stagecoach said a decision to move the bus route from Mercer Row to Church Street was forced upon them because of lack of parking enforcement along Mercer Row.

I am writing to enquire as to why you, amongst others, would consider the proposed route for, for example, the Grimsby to Louth bus service (51) along Church Street.

This would now seem to make its old route of Mercer Row redundant and offer the new route of, in particular, Church Street as a viable alternative to the problems and concerns that the Mercer Row route proclaims.

Have the implications of safety been addressed at least? Church Street is a main artery into and out of Louth, as this road is an extremely busy thoroughfare; we have school buses, lorries, works’ transport, coaches and everyday traffic using this stretch of road.

There are two particularly narrow sections of road along Church Street, one being at the junction of Mount Pleasant to the junction of Newmarket and the other point between the bus station from Queen Street to the stretch of road approaching the zebra crossing.

No doubt considering the size of Stagecoach buses and the amount of traffic and the uncompromising width of road here, this all adds up to the anticipated conclusion of a serious accident.

The ongoing concerns that Mercer Row dictates is only an option if the services that are necessary to control the situation is lacking, indifferent or complacent to the point of simply moving one bad road and diverting it to another location, in this case Church Street et al. Moving one bad apple from one barrel to another so to speak.

I am writing to you in protest at this decision of moving the proposed bus routes along Church Street for health and safety issues, anti-social issues such as noise, pollution, vibration and quality of life.

What is needed here is an authority figure to control the Mercer Row predicament and simply hoping to better one situation by moving it to another location is clearly worrying and counter productive.

Gary Dray

Church Street, Louth