Six-figure salaries at ELDC are obscene

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EDITOR – It is obvious from the small amount of information in the Leader (April 6) that the personnel in charge of ELDC, along with all other councils in the country, have been riding a huge gravy train for several years. For anyone at ELDC to have a six figure salary is obscene, I would find it hard for anyone to justify above £50k.

The council is supposed to be there to serve the community, not take advantage of them by helping themselves to as much money as they can. I believe that instead of cutting services the first move should be to reduce the number of big earners, and then substantially reduce the salaries of all the employees above £30K, the more you earn the bigger the cut.

The argument of ‘we could earn more in the private sector’ does not wash, if you believe that, hand in your notice and go to work for a private company.

Come on councillors; don’t let the services of East Lindsey be cut just because of your own personal greed, show the people of Lincolnshire the way forward.

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