Size does matter with turbines

EDITOR – I attended the public exhibition of the Louth Canal Wind Energy Project and asked their representative where I could view a wind turbine of the same size/height of those proposed. I was told there were none of this height in Lincolnshire and that they would be slightly larger than the ones at Conisholme.

I found that they would be 27 per cent larger – 113.5 metres (372 feet) compared to 89 metres (292 feet). I then decided to compare the proposed turbines against other familiar structures.

They will be 23.5 metres (77 feet) taller than St James’s Church in Louth, 22.5 metres (74 feet) taller than Grimsby Docks Tower and 17.5 metres (57.5 feet) taller than Big Ben.

I am not opposed to the production of green energy, but the size of these new generation turbines and their location within one to 1.5 miles of five villages (North Thoresby, Tetney, North Cotes, Marshchapel and Fulstow) will certainly contaminate the visual environment of those living in these villages.

Surely a less populated area in this large county could be found to place these huge turbines. Is it really worth the £18,750 annual payment to a community benefit fund? Where will this all end?

Dave Pickering

Main Street