Starfish numbers are not unusual

EDITOR – Re: the quantities of starfish which are washed up on to the beaches at Mablethorpe.

This has happened quite often over the years, usually after gale-force winds in the appropriate direction (northerly round to easterly), turbulent enough to disturb the seabed.

I wouldn’t think that the windfarms, being south of us, would have anything to do with the present starfish presence.

Could it be connected with the recent beach nourishment programme? There’s been a lot of stuff brought ashore which might have altered the contours of the seabed offshore.

At the beginning of 2010 there was an occasion of a band of seaweed, crabs, shells, and other stuff left stranded on the beach (Leader front page – January 13, 2010), this being about 20 yards by about two miles.

It had its quota of starfish included.