Start fighting crime on local level

EDITOR – I could not believe my eyes when I read the article in the Leader.

Who are the Together In Generations group? Why are they interested in how Special Branch deal with terrorism?

Who defines what makes someone a right wing extremist?

Is this what Neighbourhood Policing is about nowadays? Neighbourhood Policing should be about local crime issues; there are plenty of them!

The so-called aim of the exercise was to get people to empathise with police decision-making.

I cannot empathise with the decision to hold down a man on a tube train and then shoot him in the head!

I cannot empathise with police when they use the anti-terrorist laws to stop and search law-abiding people without just cause.

There are so many incidents where the police have not been held to account for their actions over the last few years, respect has been lost.

Dean Laking

Riverside Court, Louth