Store variety’s good for shoppers

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EDITOR – What is the obsession with having everything in the centre of town. It is difficult to park in town.

I am local and, like lots of other people, use the centre of town, the outskirts of town and out-of-town as well. Just because something is located on the outskirts doesn’t mean we don’t use the centre shops as well; it depends what you are shopping for.

Trotter’s offers a good selection of items for the home and garden – with parking. There are lots of other stores on the outskirts of town, such as Halfords, that I use, but it doesn’t stop me going to the town centre.

For goodness sake ELDC planners, wake up and realise this is the 21st century.

We don’t all want to shop in one little area. Develop the industrial estate to make it easier for us to shop and park: we will still use the town centre – in fact it will probably bring more trade in if we have more choice! We will travel to Grimsby less if we have what we need in Louth.

Trotter’s is a small local company; support them, don’t close them down. I like the Trotter’s store and will drive to the other stores in the Grimsby area if you shut this one.


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