Strange attack on allowances

EDITOR – I was rather surprised to see Coun Philip Sturman’s attack on councillor allowances in your paper. It is amazing how the stale stench of hypocrisy wafts over our district just prior to local elections.

Maligning your opponents is the only thing Labour seems good at these days, since they clearly don’t want to take any responsibility for the mess they left this country in, and they clearly have no policies for the future.

Councillors are granted allowances which are determined by an independent remuneration panel.

Any councillor can decide not to receive their allowance if they so wish to do so. When county councillors decided not to receive their allowance increase in the past the money was used to fund extended CAB services.

Councillors have therefore already donated money to support our communities.

The public can either have councillors working for their communities knowing any allowances paid have been set independently or we can have what Coun Sturman wants, which is more meddling and political interference in the process with the only councillors elected being the rich or the retired with big pension pots who can afford to take on the role.

Coun Colin Davie

Holmfield Lane