Taste the difference... in Louth

EDITOR – I wish to congratulate Paul Adams for his award for The Cheese Shop in Eastgate, Louth.

This is what Louth is all about. Individuality, service and product knowledge. Independent businesses are the mainstay of the town.

It is independent and family-owned and run businesses that have made the town what it is over the decades. Visitors come to Louth because it is different, not because it has one of the four major supermarket chains but because it DOES NOT.

We would not have regular visitors from Birmingham or Leeds because we have multiples, they come because we HAVE NOT.

They come because we give service, over and above other towns and cities, we are friendly and knowledgeable, we make shopping a pleasure and not a chore, we go that extra mile, whether we are in retailing or offering a public service.

We are individuals. Let us stop the insidious infiltration of the anally retentive multiples, who, in my opinion seem intent on the ruination of every successful trading community in the British Isles, after we have worked so hard and long to make them what they are.

Stop these megalomaniacs now before choice, service and democracy are all just memories of a bygone age, because once they are gone, they are gone for ever.

It doesn’t matter if they want to build on Newmarket, Queen Street or the back of Northgate, remember, they DO NOT care about the individual or the community, they are just fat cats who want to get fatter and once they have us in their grasp there will be no escape, no going back.

There are already far too many charity shops in the town. Imagine how bleak the town will be if the major multiples have their way... Armageddon awaits.

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