Tesco, sports centre are no consolation for missed chance

EDITOR – Well, ELDC have done it again and refused the best investment opportunity on offer to Mablethorpe for a very long time.

The ‘anti development group’ will be patting themselves on the back after sending their 290 or so objections to ELDC, who will be thinking they have been able to deliver yet another body blow to Mablethorpe’s urgent need of investment.

After all, we are not Skegness or Louth.

The group of people against the development can now sit back in the comfort of their own properties and forget about the people who would love a home of their own and who are on the long, everlasting waiting list.

They can forget about the safe access for the parents of the children who attend the primary school.

They can forget the much-needed training facilities for the care system or the planned accommodation facilities which would have raised Mablethorpe’s profile.

They can forget the opportunities for cricket and other sports on the site that have been lost, as, after all, they are mainly for the young people of Mablethorpe and not the ‘older and retired’ residents, many of whom prefer to keep Mablethorpe as a quiet town.

They can forget the much-needed petrol station and large supermarket, as, heaven forbid we should bring any competition to Mablethorpe.

They can forget the employment and business opportunities and apprenticeships that would have been available for the unemployed of Mablethorpe who at last saw a glimmer of hope for their futures.

I think that the protest group will be surprised at the backlash and the reaction there will be by the residents who were for this development and who mistakenly thought that ELDC and more of the town councillors would support the plans. Who in their right mind would turn down the offer of a £50 million-plus investment in the present financial climate, in a tired and weary town like ours?

Well, surprise, surprise, now we know who!

Please, Lindum, appeal and don’t turn your back on us as we do need your investment. You have spent time and a great deal of money putting this package together.

How dare ELDC say that Mablethorpe doesn’t want this development.

Please everyone, sign the new petition and write to ELDC and let them know how you feel, it is never too late!

Do I see a Tesco store and a new sports centre as a consolation prize? NO.

Pam Baker

Golf Road, Mablethorpe

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