Thanks for making ’40s event a roaring success

EDITOR – May we, on behalf of the North Thoresby 1940s event group, offer our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the many people and organisations who helped to make our recent weekend such a great success.

In particular we would like to thank the Louth Leader for the coverage given to us both during and after the event. Such reporting shows the value of a community newspaper such as yours.

We wish to apologise for the disappointment to many caused by the non-appearence of the Spitfire on Saturday, September 10. The Battle of Britain Memorial flight have confirmed that this was down solely to the strength of the crosswinds prohibiting the flight – a phenomenon beyond anyone’s control.

The list of village organisations and people who helped and gave their support is extremely long, but without their unstinting assistance the weekend would not have been possible.

Particular thanks, however, must go to Anglian Water, not only for their generous sponsorship, but also for giving, and honouring, their pledge that the village would be tidy and the event not disrupted by the replacement water main works.

An event such as ours shows community spirit at its very best.


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