Thanks for support of Jumbulance

EDITOR – On behalf of Louth and District Jumbulance I would like to thank all the local people who have helped us over the last year.

Due to everyone’s effort we had a very successful and happy holiday in September and we are now working towards our next one, hopefully in 2013.

Among the people who have helped are the Mayor’s charity, Louth United Charities, Churches Together, Morrisons and Co-op who allow our collections to be done, everyone who supports our fairs at North Thoresby, St Peter’s charity bingo, Saltfleetby, line dancers, Mablethorpe, and everyone else who have supported our stalls, making the cash box jingle, and everyone else I have inadvertently omitted to mention.

Our thanks also to the Louth Leader for our good write-ups.

Hope to see you all during the coming year.

Janet Foster

Chairman Louth and District Jumbulance