The right priority?

EDITOR – What were the objectives (and cost/benefits) of replacing the recently-installed car park ticket machines and notices?

It won’t be long before there will be cameras attached to identify potential car park ticket benefactors!

Isn’t it strange that the authority can afford to replace the previous machines with complex hardware and software and yet are unable to give change or – better still – charge for the time you occupy the space.

It will be interesting to see how efficient it is for the wardens, to not only check the time and date on the ticket, but also validate each registration plate.

As previous correspondents have pointed out – queueing, confusion and anger are the main outcomes so far.

I predict a good business opportunity for forgers to print their own tickets at home before going shopping and display them on the dashboard, just far enough away so as not to be easily legible.

Barry Gleeson

Church Lane, Alvingham